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    Residential Excavation, Land Clearing, Trenching & Drainage

    When you gaze out at a stretch of land, do you see more than just trees and earth? Do you envision a future building, a thriving garden, or a seamlessly installed drainage system? Turning that vision into reality begins with land clearing, excavating, and trenching, and that's where CNY Pumps excels.

    Your Premier Excavating and Land Clearing Experts in Central New York

    At CNY Pumps, we pride ourselves on transforming landscapes. While land preparation can often be a slow and daunting task, taking weeks or even months depending on the size and complexity, we've streamlined our processes to expedite the timeline without compromising the quality of the work.

    Whether it’s a plot awaiting construction or a property requiring strategic trenching, our experienced team dives in, making what seemed like a tedious process feel almost effortless. Our reputation in Fulton, Oswego, Syracuse, and the surrounding areas isn’t just built on dirt; it's constructed from years of expertise and satisfied clients.

    Land is more than just a property; it's potential realized through careful planning and expert execution. Each project we undertake is a testament to our dedication and commitment. With state-of-the-art equipment and great attention to detail, we ensure that each and every square foot is optimized for your needs.

    From precisely planned excavations to strategic land clearing, our services cater to a range of needs whether you're considering a quaint garden nook or planning a commercial space. Whatever your vision, CNY Pumps brings it to life, respecting both the land's integrity and your aspirations.

    Why entrust your land to just anyone? Experience the precision and expertise at CNY Pumps as we sculpt the land to fit your vision. Let’s shape your land and future projects together.

    We offer these earth moving and excavation services in Fulton and beyond:

    -Well work
    -Debris Removal
    -Land Clearing
    -And more

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