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    A customer had no water at their camp. The drought this year caused many shallow wells to run dry. When I arrived, I tried turning on the breaker first, and had water again. Regardless of the simple fix, my customer chose to have me replace and upgrade the pressure tank and plumbing, because the tank was bad. The job was difficult because of the tight crawlspace. I then replaced the pump, modifying the check valve to operate easier under low water conditions.

    We received a call from a new homeowner whose water failed a bacteria test. We decided to install a UV light sterilizer. Upon inspection, we found a bad pressure tank and very old galvanized plumbing. We replaced the tank and all steel fittings at time of UV install, and followed up with a disinfection of plumbing in the house with chlorine.

    A customer called to change out components for general maintenance. We replaced this red pressure tank, which was waterlogged, and some plumbing, and pump in well. It's now good for another 10-20 years.

    This customer was experiencing intermittent water pressure. It was working when we arrived, but we decided to update the plumbing because the pressure tank was bad. We replaced the tank, water heater, and plumbing. But the pump wouldn't build pressure on the restart. We realized it was an old 1/3 hp from 1989, so we replaced it with a new 1/2 hp.

    Our team got a call from a client who was experiencing no water. They needed a new foot valve in the well. Then we went inside and found a waterlogged tank plus leaking fittings. Conveniently, we had a tank on the truck so we were able to replace that as well as the plumbing with brass and pex tubing.

    A customer had a new well hook up. We installed a complete pump system; replacing the old pump and tank connected to a dug well with a new tank and submersible pump in the well.

    On Sunday we received a call from a client saying they had no water. We investigated and found out it was a bad pressure switch caused by a bad pressure tank. We replaced the tank and steel fittings with brass to solve the problem.

    This customer was experiencing low water pressure. Instead of struggling to correct it, we opted to upgrade the system to a submersible and bring the well head above ground as it should be. The customer has plenty of pressure now!

    Out of the ordinary type of job, but a good customer asked if I could install a new well cover, with a hand pump.

    Customer was not getting water from dug well. We were able to get inside, disconnected it, and found rusted out steel fitting. We replaced with all brass.

    Customer noticed a lot of water coming up around well. We dug up and found steel fittings rusted out, as well as, improper backfilling leading to pipe almost shearing off fitting. Fortunately, old fittings came out, though not easily and we replaced with brass and a quality plastic pipe.

    Very old jet pump customer wanted replaced as it had gotten very loud.

    Installing a new jet pump in a difficult location. The finished replacement pump installed is shown in the 2nd image.

    Examples of problems that high iron content can cause. Failed ball valve, pressure switch, and blockages in plumbing.

    Christmas Eve emergency no water call. Had to remove this difficult well cap to access well. Turned out to be bad wires down well.

    Replaced broken fitting on top of pump, and upgraded plumbing and pressure tank.

    Tank and wellhead were located in pit. Updated wellhead and relocated tank inside.

    A customer called on a Sunday stating that they had no water. When we arrived, we turned on the breaker, which helped bring back the water, however, the pressure tank was completely waterlogged. We replaced the tank and was able to get it working properly again.

    An owner of a horse farm called with inconsistent water problems. We were able to diagnose that the issue was coming from a bad check valve, which required retrofitting plumbing. We replaced the old plastic and steel with brass, and replaced drain valves, and two pumps in two different wells, which had fallen apart after many years of use.

    A customer called about having no water. The pump was rather difficult to pull because of a tall casing and depth. We found a bad wire caused by a bad pressure tank, and ended up replacing both.

    We received a call late in the day from a customer about not having any water. We discovered the pump was pumping water slowly, so we replaced it. However, we determined there was a leak underground and replaced it with a smaller diameter. We were able to save the customer hundreds of dollars.